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Adult Orthodontics

If your teeth are crooked, gapped or twisted then orthodontics is the area of dentistry dedicated to sorting them out.

At Hook Dental, Gareth Morris offers cosmetically-focused treatments to quickly and affordably correct common problems.

The benefits of orthodontics can extend beyond appearance as straighter teeth are easier to clean, meaning less likelihood of tooth decay and gum disease. Your treatment will be completed in around 6 months and will use one of three brace systems. For children, and some adult orthodontic problems, we may recommend treatment from a specialist orthodontist.

Hook Dental supplies these different adult orthodontic services to customers from Fleet, Winchfield, Basingstoke and other areas in Hampshire.

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Free Initial Consultation

As with any treatment it’s important to make sure that it’s suitable for you so we offer a free initial consultation at Hook Dental. We’ll explain the advantages and disadvantages of orthodontic treatment and the differences between the three systems we offer.

The next step is a full case assessment. While there is a £200 fee for this in-depth consultation to cover costs of x-rays, precise measurements, photographs and the creation of models; this will be deducted from the full cost of treatment if you are suitable and decide to proceed.

Orthodontic treatment sometimes requires the careful adjustment of the shape of some of your teeth but this will not alter the long-term health of your teeth. Your teeth will also need long-term retention, otherwise they could simply return to their original position over time.

The solution we recommend is a permanent bonded wire behind the front teeth to fix their position but sometimes a removable retainer is used instead or as well and must be worn every night.

How much do cosmetically focused orthodontics cost?

Fixed Braces

The word ‘braces’ often discourages patients from improving their teeth but our fixed adult braces should not be confused with the metal kind that children have fitted to improve their bite.

Supplied by Cfast, a British company, our fixed braces are designed for cosmetic improvement and focus on the front teeth – to give you a great smile!

The crystal-clear brackets and white wires will correct poorly aligned teeth while being unobtrusive. The Cfast system usually means that your teeth are repositioned in around 6 months.



Inman Aligners

The Inman system is a super-fast solution to crowded or protruding teeth and in most cases treatment can be completed in around 3-6 months.

This quick orthodontics treatment is due to its efficiency, so Inman Aligners can achieve results while remaining a gentle solution for your front top or bottom front teeth.

Worn typically for 18 hours a day, they are removable to suit your lifestyle such as important social or work engagements.



Clear Aligners

This orthodontic solution corrects misalignments in your front 6-8 teeth on the top or bottom arch using clear aligners that are practically invisible.

Although they need to be worn all the time except while eating these removable aligners are very comfortable and are not permanently fixed to your teeth.

Made from lightweight and transparent material, it’s easy to forget that you are wearing a brace with Clear Aligners - and your treatment will normally be completed in 2-6 months.



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