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Specialist Gum Care

Healthy teeth need healthy gums and the care of gums - along with the other structures that support the teeth - is known as periodontics.

At Hook Dental we’re proud to have a specialist in this branch of dentistry, Amir Savage. He offers his specialist service to customers from Hartley Whitney, Basingstoke and other places in Hampshire.

While gum disease can often be effectively reversed especially in the early stages such as gingivitis, if the disease is left to worsen it can lead to serious problems with your teeth, gums and wider health.

The good news is that even where periodontal disease has advanced to the point where it cannot be cured, with specialist treatment it can be stabilised throughout your lifetime.

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Our specialist gum care service

Amir is highly experienced in treating periodontal problems and understands that you will be anxious.

His approach to this is motivational alongside a comprehensive treatment plan which includes regular reviews.

Amir’s experience has built on his specialist training at the Eastman Dental Institute, following his initial qualification as a dentist at Edinburgh University in 1992.

Although he is now a full-time periodontal specialist, he was previously Clinical Director at the Military School of Dental Hygiene.



Periodontal treatment

Amir can offer treatment including non-surgical and surgical periodontal therapy including grafting and guided tissue regeneration.

Although Amir is our specialist in this treatment, it requires a team approach including your regular dentist … and of course you!

The initial treatment will typically involve deep cleaning of the teeth and their roots, known as scaling and root planing.

This is necessary to remove plaque from above and below the gum line along with smoothing areas of the root which can be havens for the bacteria that lead to periodontal disease. Medication may also be used in conjuction with this treatment.

If surgery is required it may be at just one or two particularly bad areas or more generally. It can involve the grafting of gum and bone and even the regeneration of bone around teeth affected by the disease process.



What should I expect?

At the initial consultation, Amir will fully assess the condition of your gums and bones. This will take around 45-60 minutes and may include x-rays.
Once the areas of concern have been charted, Amir will be able to explain the extent of the problem and discuss a treatment plan, which will also be provided in writing.

The cost of this initial consultation is £150. If non-surgical treatment is the best route for you then it will usually take 2 or 3 appointments of an hour each, followed by 3 monthly hygienist appointments.

This will then be followed by annual reviews and possibly further treatment. The cost of this treatment will be in the region of £800 to £1200. Where surgical treatment is the appropriate course, then the treatment plan and the cost will be discussed with you.


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