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White Fillings

Modern dentistry always provides solutions and treatments that maintain the natural look and feel of your teeth wherever possible and that extends to fillings.

Traditional tooth fillings were always made from silver-coloured amalgam and these are still used, especially for the less visible fillings of back teeth, and remain a cost-effective and strong option.

However, white fillings are increasingly popular with Hook Dental patients who want to retain a natural appearance for teeth that have been filled.

Modern materials include a plastic ‘composite’ or ceramic materials like porcelain or zirconia.

Aside from appearance, white fillings are also chosen for their versatility, as sometimes metal amalgam fillings can cause tooth fractures as they expand and contract.

Hook Dental offer white fillings to customers from Hartley Whitney, Basingstoke and other areas in Hampshire.

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What is composite bonding?

Repairing chipped, decayed or fractured teeth can be achieved with a technique of building up layers of tooth-coloured material as a cosmetic alternative to amalgam fillings.

Gaps, chips and discolouration can all benefit from this technique, which preserves more of your natural, healthy tooth and is quick, painless and reversible.

This procedure can also be used to close gaps between teeth, make teeth look longer, change the shape of teeth, or protect a root that has been exposed by a receding gum.

This is a low-invasive procedure but it may not be the best option for all situations where more traditional crowns or veneers may be more appropriate.

Your dentist can advise you on the best course of treatment for your individual circumstances.


Tooth Wear

Our teeth get a lot of use and sometimes they suffer the effects of wear especially with our modern diet. Even children’s teeth can show the signs of wear especially if they consume lots of fizzy drinks, which as well as being high in sugar are acidic – not good for teeth!

But tooth wear is very common with an estimated 97% of the population having some degree of wear during their lifetime.

The three key factors of tooth wear are:
• Attrition - the loss of tooth substance as teeth rub together
• Abrasion – this scraping of the tooth surface can be caused by things such as aggressive horizontal teeth brushing and nail biting
• Erosion – usually from acidic diet or acid reflux

At Hook Dental want to help minimise these effects on your teeth.


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