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Teeth Whitening

The days of a ‘Hollywood A-lister’ smile costing a small fortune are long gone and Hook Dental is pleased to be able to offer you a professional solution. Teeth whitening is a great way to restore discoloured teeth and give you the confidence to smile – in fact you’ll want to show off that smile wherever you go!

Our tooth whitening is a quick, efficient, cost-effective way to improve your smile – and is tailored specifically for your teeth, unlike the kits you can buy in shops or online. The NHS advises on its website that teeth whitening should be carried out by a dentist and points out that it is illegal for beauty salons to carry out teeth whitening unless a dental professional is present.

Our teeth whitening service involves consultation with your dentist who will prepare a kit for you to use at home. This is designed only for you and will include the right amount of product and correctly-shaped application trays.

Hook Dental provides this service from our practice to places in and around Odiham, Basingstoke and Hampshire.

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What does whitening treatment involve?

Unlike over-the-counter or online teeth whitening kits, at Hook Dental we create custom-fitted ultra-thin trays that fit perfectly over your teeth and are safe to be worn at night (but can be worn during daytimes if preferred).

The trays will be made and delivered during two appointments and will be supplied along with the correct amount of whitening gel for your treatment.

We’ll arrange short follow-up visits to monitor your progress.

The cost of the treatment is just £290 and £199 for members.

The long-lasting treatment will last up to 4 years and for subsequent treatments you can use the same custom-fitted trays. That means that for those who have already had teeth whitening with our professional tray-based system the cost is currently just £130.


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